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ZINC Students Club

 As part of Manaret Ibn Rushd and in order to “maximize our students’ potentials” outside the classroom, we have initiated the ZINC Students Club as an after school activity which aims to develop our students’ skills through hands-on experience to assist them in creating great innovations. For this semester, we have started with Coding and Design. Students have been nominated according to their passion and potential to be part of these programs.

Students who joined the Coding program will eventually be able to develop their own 2D games with their applications by the end of this program. The first session was delivered by Mr. Hamzeh Zayed, Game Developer who introduced students to the basic language of coding and they were able to put it into practice using Construct 3 Platform.

Students who joined the Design program will work on their own design portfolios and branding identity. Mr. Shamekh Bluwi, Fashion Illustrator held the first session and gave students an overview about illustration. They were able to implement the guidelines and digitally transform hand-drawn illustrations using Adobe Photoshop.


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