Who We Are
Five Year Strategic Plan Objectives (2013-2018)
Mashrek International School has identified five strategic objectives that together define the school’s focus for the upcoming five years in 2013 with the guidance of International Education consultant Mr. John Littleford, the process included wide spectrum of the Mashrek community to set the priorities of the 5 year (2013-2018) strategic goals:

1. Students’ Learning and Well-being

Driven by the school motto “maximizing each student’s potential”, we are inspired daily by making a profound difference in each student’s life on the academic and emotional level as, a result our plan and process represent our commitment towards reaching the highest expectations in support of our students.

The school believes that students’ health, safety and well-being are essential to learning and development of the whole child.

The school generates a strong academic culture through several aspects and different practices. The students’ well-being is the core of the educational process.

This strategic goal is divided into three domains:

Domain 1: Students’ Learning Environment (Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment)

Domain 2: Fostering Students’ Leadership and Voice

Domain 3: Physical, Social and Emotional Well-being

2. Being the Leading Employer within the Educational Sector through Professional Development and Salary Competiveness

The school believes that the teachers are a core element of the school and the school is committed towards teachers comfort and wellbeing. The schools ensures qualified staff are recruited and increase the retention of current qualified staff. Constant professional development is provided to our staff.

This strategic goal is divided into three domains:

Domain 1: Professional Development

Domain 2: Recruitment

Domain 3: Increase Teacher Retention and Salary Competitiveness

3. Safety and Availability of Facilities

The school ensures that the students are learning in a safe and secure environment.

This strategic goal is divided into two domains:

Domain 1: Safety and Security

Domain 2: Availability and Maintenance of Facilities

4. Financial Sustainability

The school ensures financial resources and long-term plans are developed, maintained and used in an effective manner to Maximize Each Student’s Potential and support the learning and well-being of our students.

This strategic goal is divided into three domains:

Domain 1: Sustain the enrollment rate of students

Domain 2: Establish a financial planning and budgeting process between school departments

Domain 3: Establish other revenue streams

5. Parents’ Communication and Partnership

As an inclusive community, Mashrek International School believes in the importance of parents' and care takers' role in their children's education and holistic growth. Therefore forming a partnership with parents was one of our strategic goals that arose according to our school community recommendations.

This strategic goal is divided into three domains:

Domain 1: Parents - Strengthening communication with parents

Domain 2: Students - Encouraging students’ involvement in the school community

Domain 3: Community - Promoting positive cross community interaction