Learning at Mashrek

Ethraa' Department (Support Learning and Language)

Ethraa' is an Arabic term which means enrichment. This name was chosen to emphasize on the skills and knowledge gained by students to achieve their highest potential as challenged and gifted students.

Our Mission:
Ethraa' seeks to provide high quality academic education for all students through various learning methods and styles, by keeping them in a regular classroom and allowing them to reach their full academic, emotional and social potentials.

The Ethraa' Department includes:
  • Inclusive Educational Needs Programme:
    The Ethraa' Team comprises a group of BA degree holders in special education; qualified to teach Arabic, English and Math based on the strategies and needs of students. This team's work involves the interpretation of different aspects of the child's assessments: physical, motor, sensory, linguistic, emotional and social by using a variety of methods and tools to identify and cater to those needs.
  • Reading Programme:
    For each grade level a guided reading teacher along with the homeroom teachers are responsible for following up on the student's reading level. This is done within the school schedule.
  • Intensive Programme:
    It provides services in the Arabic Language for students who are at the introductory level of the Language. Students benefit from this service for a maximum of two consecutive years or when they meet the standards of their class level which ever comes first.
  • Occupational Therapy:
    A specialized therapist is available at our school for interventions with students who are mandated for occupational therapy services upon their Individualized Educational Programme (IEP)
  • The Counseling Department
    The School Counselor composes a comprehensive guidance programme at the beginning of each academic year for all grade levels, concerning the social, mental, physical and physiological aspects of life. The Counselor also takes on individual cases that are referred to him/her.