Life At Mashrek

As an inclusive community, Mashrek International School believes in the importance of the role of parents and guardians in their children's education and holistic growth. Therefore, forming a partnership with parents was one of the school’s strategic goals. 

Mashrek established a department with 3 sub-committees:

1- Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) which served for almost one scholastic year and was merged with the Parent Consultation Committee (PCC) in October 2016

2- Cross Community Relations Committee (CCRC)

3- School Community Awareness Committee (SCAC).

Each committee has its own mission, objectives and scope of work. 

Mrs. Dima Darwazeh was assigned as the Coordinator for the Parent Partnership & Communication Department in August 2015 till August 2016. Mrs. Nour Huneiti later took over as Coordinator in August 2016.