Thank you for choosing Mashrek International School. We are pleased that you are considering becoming a part of our Mashrek Community of learners. Your inquiries concerning admissions are important to us as we realize the significance of your decision regarding selecting the suitable school for your children. If you need further information about the admission process, you may contact the school and we will be glad to assist you. If you choose to apply online, please make sure to read our Admission Policy before you start your online application. Kindly note that preference in the admission process is given to siblings of currently enrolled students. Nevertheless, all candidates must be assessed and should meet entry criteria. In case you are abroad and will be visiting or arriving to Amman soon, we recommend that you contact the Admissions Department via email at: in order to arrange for a school tour. Both walk-throughs and tour appointments are welcomed. However, it is advisable to take an appointment to avoid delays during your visit. 

Admissions Department Code of Ethics

-The school receives applications from any applicant regardless of his/her gender, nationality, religion, social status and/or special needs.
-The school provides walk-through tours without fees or previously scheduled appointments. 
-The school does not engage in any marketing outside the school.
-The school only considers applications that come into the school or are submitted online.
  No attempts to target/attract any students enrolled in other schools are initiated.  
-The school facilitates the students’ transfer process to other schools locally or abroad (provides all necessary documentation and facilitates conducting any needed assessment(s) on its premises). 
-The school finalizes acceptance once the student's file is received from his/her previous school, which must include the transfer certificate

-The school is a member of the Private School Council in Jordan and takes all school requests seriously. 
-The school conducts a fair interview following an entrance exam, to determine if the transfer will be for the benefit of the student.