Learning at Mashrek

The Universities and Career Center at Mashrek International School is where students can search for advice, support and information regarding the process of choosing a university to continue their education after graduating from school. It is the place to apply to universities and seek counseling when deciding on a major. 

The Universities Counselor is available on a full time basis to respond to the concerns of students and parents, about entry requirements and availability of scholarships for universities around the world. Presentations and lectures are offered concerning university counseling and the application process to students of grades 10 to 12. The Center also arranges regular university fairs and separate visits at the school to meet with our students and parents. Moreover, we hold a Career Talk at the school which allows students to interact with experts from different professions, to form a clearer path towards their future career.

Our mission is to ensure that each Mashrek student enrolls in the program and university best suited to continue his/her future career successfully. The Center also provides preparation for university assessments such as SAT, by holding preparation SAT courses at the school. Additionally, supervision regarding the Personal Statement is also presented.

The Universities and Career Center includes a complete University Library, test preparation booklets, university catalogues, DVDs of universities, samples of personal statements and everything that the students need for the process of application. The Center arranges for university visits, in order to check cities and accommodations and accordingly provide students and their parents with the best vision and advice. This allows for the best recommendations and choices for students.