For information regarding the tuition fees for the scholastic year
2020-2021 for all students and extra services, kindly check below:

Grade  Jordanian Dinars
PreKG - IBPYP 3460 JD
KG1 - IBPYP 3680 JD
KG2 - IBPYP 3800 JD
Grade 1 - IBPYP 4630 JD
Grade 2 - IBPYP 4850 JD
Grade 3 - IBPYP 5070 JD
Grade 4 - IBPYP 5290 JD
Grade 5 - IBMYP 5670 JD
Grade 6 - IBMYP 5890 JD
Grade 7 - IBMYP 6220 JD
Grade 8 - IBMYP 6440 JD
Grade 9 - IBMYP 7270 JD
Grade 10 - IBMYP 7380 JD
Grade 11 - IBDP 9140 JD
Grade 12 - IBDP 9140 JD

Siblings Discount
First Sibling 10%
Second Sibling 15%
Third Sibling 20%
Fourth Sibling 25%
Bus Fees
  Zone A Zone B

Two ways   

750 JD Per annum 850 JD Per annum

One way

500 JD Per annum

550 JD Per annum
Information technology, stationary and educational resources, as well as extracurricular activities during school hours (Only national curriculum textbooks from the Ministry are included in this fee).  
All Grades  350 JD Per annum
Accidents Insurance and Medical Services
This covers accidents that the student may endure on the school premises during school hours or on the school bus (insurance covers doctors' fees, x-rays and hospital accommodation, determined by the school). The coverage covers up to 1000 JD each year per student.
60 JD Per annum
Support Education Needs Fees (if applicable) will be billed based on the SEN Department's evaluation results.
After School Optional Activities - according to each activity per semester
• New students' admissions fee is 300 JD. This amount will be refunded upon the student's graduation or if the student transfers to another school, provided that the Administration is notified in writing prior to December 31st of the previous scholastic year. This is applicable under the condition that the student has spent at least one scholastic year at Mashrek and paid the whole year’s tuition.
• Students who leave the school and later re-register will be required to pay this fee a second time.
• Current students' registration for the following scholastic year takes place between December 1st to 23rd of each year. Registration is confirmed by making a payment of 500 JD per student, which will be deducted from next year's tuition. This amount is non-refundable.
• Students' registration is completed upon making a full tuition payment during the period of July 1st to 31st.
• Payment of total annual fees within the specified period (July 1st to July 31st) by one of the following options:
1. One time cash or check payment in full 
2. Five (5) Post Dated checks in equal amounts dated according to the following:
    a. July 1st of the current year
    b. September 1st of the current year
    c. December 1st of the current year
    d. February 1st  of the second semester
    e. April 1st of the second semester
3. Payment of total annual fees using a credit card which is subject to 1.5% commission, charged directly by the credit card company for local Jordanian banks and a commission of 2.25% for international banks. Parents can coordinate directly with their local bank to repay the tuition fee paid using the credit card over a 12 month period. Bank Al Etihad credit card holders will be able to repay the tuition paid using their credit card directly with the bank over a 12 month period interest free.  
• Textbooks in English for grades 1 to 12 are available to purchase at the School; prices vary depending on the grade.
• IB Middle Years and Diploma Progammes external examination fees are paid on the due dates.  
• All fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. In case of a student’s withdrawal before the beginning or during the scholastic year, all paid amounts are non-refundable and non-transferable.