Learning at Mashrek

Mashrek International School fosters in its students critical thinking, international understanding and appreciation for diversity, while preserving the Arabic culture. We believe that critical literacy and learning different languages, in addition to mastering the mother tongue, develops in our students pride in their identity and productive local and global l citizenship. 

At Mashrek, all teachers are language teachers and through the IB language programmes and subjects offered, we thrive to develop students’ language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. As language is best learnt in contexts, our students are exposed to various local and global contexts as well as different text types. Language is also used as a vehicle of communication to express opinion, inquire, investigate, solve problems, explore and reflect.

Acknowledging that the development of the mother tongue language is vital for the child’s cognitive and personal growth, Mashrek believes that it is crucial for students to develop full understanding of their heritage, civilization and culture whilst understanding, accepting, connecting and appreciating other cultures. Hence, a solid and challenging bilingual educational programme is offered to all students at all levels, where Arabic Language is the mother tongue and English Language is taught at an equal level of efficiency. Furthermore, the acquisition of additional languages allows students to further reflect upon and explore diverse cultural perspectives. Accordingly, French and Spanish are taught as a third language.