Life At Mashrek

School Facilities
The campus encompasses spacious facilities and classrooms that are colorful and conducive to a comfortable and secure learning environment.

The school has two cafeterias one for Primary School students while the other is for Middle School and Senior School students. The cafeterias are spacious and include comfortable tables and benches. They encourage a healthy eating concept and promote a balanced diet that consists of fresh foods. Thus, they serve freshly made sandwiches, freshly baked bread and pastries, snacks, juices, hot and cold beverages, homemade soups, salads and pastas for both students and teachers. Students can purchase from the cafeteria during recess time. Junk food, including chips, chocolates, fizzy drinks and candy is prohibited.

Cafeteria Menu

Science Laboratory
In the Senior School, there are specialized science labs for Chemistry, Biology and another one for Physics. There is also a general science lab for the Primary and Middle Schools. The use of labs is in coordination with the lab supervisor who follows up on the general lab requirements and their proper functioning.

Wi-Fi Access
The School is equipped with high-speed internet, delivered through a dedicated microwave antenna. This technology eliminates static, interruptions and fluctuating internet speed. The entire school is a Wi-Fi zone that enables students and staff to connect to the internet and intranet, while ensuring safe and filtered browsing. All our classrooms are equipped with interactive boards, LCD screens, computers, CD players, flat screen TVs, microphones and recorders.

Computer Laboratories
The Senior School and Middle School each have their own computer lab, equipped with 28 computers. These are available for students to use during computer lessons and for research as well as project work. In addition to this, laptops are available for Primary School students at all times within their classrooms and at the Information Resources Center as mobile computers (trolleys).

Arts Studios
The school has 5 Visual Art studios equipped with all forms of art materials. There are 3 Music studios equipped with a variety of musical instruments, such as: drums, a piano, electric pianos, violins, guitars, flutes as well as other instruments. Additionally, there are 3 Drama studios equipped with props, costumes and various displays. 

DT Studio
The design studio consists of 4 rooms, two of which are classrooms equipped with interactive boards, while the other two are workshops with a variety of materials and equipment.

The school has 3 main theaters; a small indoor theater, an outdoor amphitheater and the main theater 'Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi' holds up to 450 people and is highly equipped with the latest audio and visual technology.

Sports Facilities
The school offers well-equipped athletic facilities, including: a gymnasium, gymnastics hall, indoor facilities, dancing room, taekwondo room, aerobics room and one P.E. room for the KG. In addition to this, the school’s main playground is covered with outdoor multipurpose flooring for the football and basketball courts.

Outdoor Playgrounds
The school has 4 main playgrounds. 

School Departments

Administrative Departments

The Administration is comprised of the community desk, registration, admissions, record keeping and correspondence with the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education Affairs Department
This Department is responsible for registration, students' and teachers’ files, attendance and any school matters related to the Ministry of Education.

Student Affairs and Admissions Department 
This Department is in charge of student affairs and communicating with parents, in addition to student admission.

Accounting Department
The Accounting Department handles financial and accounting affairs for the entire school, including student tuition and all other school finances.

Supplies Department
This Department sells textbooks related to the curriculum for all students in the school, in addition to the school uniform. 

The Clinic
The Clinic is responsible for emergency incidents at the school, in addition to the annual physical, dental and optic checkups.

IT Department
This Department is responsible for IT support within the school, such as: teachers’ emails, training on the usage of technology in teaching, supporting parents in utilizing the SharePoint site and other various applications, as well as the school database.

Transportation Department
This Department is responsible for students' transportation to and from school during school hours, in addition to all other recreational and extracurricular activities. The bus drivers are trained drivers and each bus is accompanied by a bus monitor that looks after students regarding order and discipline. All our buses are equipped with seatbelts in addition to a GPS system.

Human Resources Department
This Department is responsible for staff recruitment, health insurance and other staff-related issues. 

Events Department
This Department is responsible for organizing and arranging all school events.

Photocopying and Scanning Department
This Department is responsible for photocopying all paperwork required by the school community. There is a scanning and printing area available for teachers and students.

Janitors Department
This Department is responsible for cleaning all school facilities, keeping in mind that all detergents are environmentally friendly and naturally made to overcome any suspected students’ allergies.