Learning at Mashrek

The IBMYP is a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic challenge and develops the life skills of students from the age of 10 to the age of 16. The MYP motivates students and helps them to achieve success in school and in life beyond the classroom. The programme allows them to build on their personal strengths and to embrace challenges in subjects in which they might not excel.



The MYP offers students the opportunities to develop their potential, to explore their own learning preferences, to take appropriate risks, and to reflect on, and develop, a strong sense of personal identity (MYP from Principles into Practice 2014). The MYP curriculum is concept driven, inquiry based, and learning always takes place in context.

The global contexts that students encounter are:
• Identities and Relationships
• Orientation in Space and Time
• Personal and Cultural Expression
• Scientific and Technical Innovation
• Globalization and Sustainability
• Fairness and Development

The MYP culminates in the Personal Project done in grade 10 (MYP Year 5). Students also do a Community Project in grade 7 (MYP Year 2).
The subjects offered at Mashrek International School for each subject group are: Language & Literature (Arabic, English), Language Acquisition (Arabic, French, and Spanish), Individuals & Societies (Civics, Geography, and History), Mathematics, Sciences (Integrated Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Physical & Health Education, Arts (Visual Arts, Drama and Music), Design (Digital Design, and Product Design).
Parents are encouraged to make appointments with teachers, coordinators and heads of schools to deepen their understanding of their son's/daughter’s academic growth in the MYP Programme.