Learning at Mashrek

Ethraa' Department (Special Educational Needs & Support Learning)

Ethraa’ is an Arabic term which means “enrichment”. This department was created to challenge gifted and academically delayed individuals, in order to reach their highest potential by emphasizing their strengths and emerging skills.

Ethraa' Department's Mission

Ethraa’ aims to provide quality services for students with various learning and social needs, which supports and enriches their learning experience in an inclusive environment. Ethraa’ Department seeks to achieve the concept of a comprehensive learning experience working to maximize students’ potential.

The Ethraa' Department includes:

  • Inclusive Educational Needs Programme

Through a dedicated and qualified team, the different aspects of the child’s life are identified and assessed in order to develop a well-tailored plan that specifically targets the individual needs of the student. The program supports students academically in Languages, Mathematics, and Science and/or by providing Occupational/Speech services.
This program is classified into 2 groups:

1. Special Educational Needs Services
2. Academic and Language Support Services

  • Occupational Therapy

Through a specialized therapist, the program focuses on helping students who have a sensory, physical or cognitive disability, develop or improve the necessary skills needed for daily living and working.

  • Speech and Language Therapy

Through a speech and language pathologist, the program provides treatment, support and care for students who have Speech and Language disorders by improving their language development and communication.